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UPDATE: AUGUST, 2022 - Due to the Minecraft EULA announcement regarding blockchain integration on the platform (, Awesome Apes is pausing on our NFT Worlds build until the awesome new NFTW engine/client is closer to release (projected 6-12 months). In the meantime, we have acquired a Mythic plot of land in Sector 5 of the Beyond Earth Online ( MMORPG and will be pivoting our metaverse component of the project to that platform. Once the game is launched in September/October, and we have full clarity on the capabilities of the metaverse component of the experience, we will update our White Paper and roadmap to reflect our enhanced vision within this promising new platform. ------------ Original vision: Awesome Apes is a collection of 4,444 randomly generated NFTs, created and hand-drawn by JSTJR. Our holders are a global community of NFT enthusiasts who share the vision of building a unique experience in Web3. As a Verified NFT Worlds metaverse project, we will offer the first P2E Live Music metaverse experience, among other unique P2E possibilities! At our Awesome Island music venue, performers and audience members alike will earn $WRLD tokens while enjoying the best entertainment the world has to offer. Awesome Apes will have access to a variety of other holder-only events and benefits, both in and outside of our NFT World metaverse, such as NFT claims, VIP areas, land parcels, giveaways, raffles, exclusive merch, and more. Let's gooo!
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